Information for Students

Welcome to our online freelance teachers list. In the wake of COVID-19/coronavirus many freelance musicians have found themselves out of work or with very little work in the coming months. This list captures musicians that have found themselves in this position and have the capacity and expertise to teach music lessons or offer other services online. Some simple guidelines:

1. Contact teachers via email first, wherever possible.

2. Musicians and teachers set their own rates, conditions and terms of payment. Please note that the purpose of this resource is to (a) link you up with amazing teachers AND (b) make sure they have a living wage throughout this difficult time. VMTA recommended rates can be found here, for your reference:

3. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated.

4. This is provided as a public resource. The individuals behind it are volunteers and do not have capacity to deal with every query in a timely manner. Please bear this in mind when making enquiries directly to the email below. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience.

To search for teachers go to Find a Teacher and search for the instrument or service you are interested in. A full list of supported services can be found on the List of Services page. 

For any issues or queries, please email Tim:

No instrument? You don't need an instrument to start singing, music theory, yoga or meditation!

Information on instrument hire will be provided here soon. In the meantime, reach out to the teachers on the list, as many may already have recommended suppliers for hire or purchase. 

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